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MyKit Farm Shed

Say hello to your very own custom-designed, purpose-built Farm Shed – at a fraction of the price you’d pay elsewhere. In fact, we guarantee to be at least 5% cheaper than our competitors on a similarly specified product.*

Whether you need to house livestock, store produce, farm machinery, bales of hay or any other farming products, MyKit Farm Shed has the right shed for you.

MyKit Farm Sheds are custom built to suit the low winds of Victoria, or the destructive cyclonic winds of North Queensland. Whatever you need, we can design it and deliver Australia wide.

MyKit Farm Sheds are so good that they won the Good Design Award for Engineering Excellence. The others talk about how good they are, we have the award to prove it.

If you want to buy the RIGHT farm shed and don’t want to pay full price then choose MyKit Farm Shed! It’s a Winner!

Available Designs:

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